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3D Genome Medicine Inc.
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3D Genome Medicine Inc. · USA · ·
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3D Genome Medicine is conducting research in the field of 3d genome.

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Developing therapies for cell diseases

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We are looking for distributors worldwide. If you are in this field, please send us your profile.


3D Genome Medicine Inc is a company, which is going to focus on technology created in the field of 3D as our all molecules in body exit in 3D structures. In order to develop highly efficient therapies without or less side effects, there is a need to develop 3D technology. 3D technology should lead to create new molecules and structures, which are going to be very similar to natural counterparts. At present most of the developed therapies, vaccines and diagnostic are developed on the basis of 2D informaiton generated the scientific field during last century, but the interaction in organism is taking place in 3D environment, where multiple events are taking place. The basis of this technology is coming from Genekam Biotechnology AG (www.genekam.de), Gemany, where a number of solutions for diagnostic and therapies are created through 2D sequences for virology (influenza viruses, dengue virus, ebola, zika virus etc.) and stem cell solutions.